What we do

Dyaco designs, manufactures, and distributes fitness, physical therapy and sports equipment.

World class design and manufacturing

Dyaco owns R&D, design and manufacturing resources that provide its brands and partners with the means to research, develop, manufacture and distribute fitness and physical therapy equipment throughout the world. We provide all the resources required to facilitate the whole product life-cycle from research to production. This means delivering world class research, industrial and mechanical design as well as prototyping and tooling.

Dyaco has a portfolio of its own brands and partnerships with a diverse set of key brands in the home, medical and fitness arenas.

Large scale manufacturing

Large scale manufacturing

Thanks to Dyaco’s premium manufacturing scale, the company produces products at competitive pricing and ensures smooth delivery to its global business partners. 

  • No. of Production Lines
    • 6 lines (Taiwan)
    • 3 lines (China)
  • Manufacturing Space 
    • 300,000 ft² / 27,870 m² (Taiwan)
    • 240,000 ft² / 22,300 m² (China)
  • Ave. Monthly Production
    • ​​20,000-25,000 units (Taiwan)
    • 15,000 (China)
  • Monthly Production (peak)
    • 40,000-45,000 units (Taiwan)
    • 20,000 (China)

Product design process

Product design process

Market research:

We are committed to making products with innovative features at a competitive price. We study market trends, analyze competitors and collect consumers’ feedback globally before commencing a new product development program.

Industrial design:

In addition to the sophisticated in-house IDC team, Dyaco also collaborates with top international ID firms to ensure we are at the cutting edge of product design utilizing the latest materials and finishes available.

Mechanical design:

Dyaco employs a team of highly experienced engineers, specializing in all fields of discipline such as structural, mechanical and electrical engineering, creating one of the most dynamic R&D centers in the industry.

Prototype & tooling:

To ensure the final design meets market requirements, prototyping is crucial in helping collect accurate data on ergonomics as well as user feedback. Only after detailed prototyping is approved by the development team is tooling commissioned.

Manufacturing process

Manufacturing process

R&D testing:

Commercial products are tested for more than 6,000 hours to ensure they can sustain rigorous in-use conditions. R&D testing also includes torque testing dynamometers, ESD, Hi-pot and Motor testing dynamometers.

Vertical integration:

Our state-of-the-art modern industry-leading systems enhance both productivity and efficiency, ensuring lowest per-unit product cost, which delivers best possible competitive pricing for our customers without compromising on quality.

Production line:

Each production line has around 50-60 trained professionals. Each station is designed to minimize assembly time from raw materials to final assembly and packaging.

QC system:

Throughout the production process, all the products go through a rigorous series of quality control standards including SQE, IQC, SQC, OQC (quiet room), FQC and IPQC.

Our Brands

Our Brands

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