Dyaco and UFC Announce Redesign of The UFC Official Fight Glove

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Dyaco and UFC Announce Redesign of The UFC Official Fight Glove




UFC, the world’s premier mixed martial arts organization, has unveiled a groundbreaking redesign of the iconic UFC Official Fight Glove that offers athletes enhanced protection, improved fit, greater comfort, and maximum flexibility.

The new UFC Official Fight Glove, available in the 3EIGHT and 5EIGHT series, was designed with product developers using athlete and coach feedback, scientific data, and engineering principles to improve the fit, function, and technology of the glove.  Other than color and graphics, the 3EIGHT and 5EIGHT gloves are identical in design and production and will be used by athletes in competition based on three-round or five-round bouts.

"I cannot tell you how excited I am to finally announce the new UFC Official Fight Gloves.  We’ve spent years in development, working with the best designers, engineers, and athletes to create something truly special.  We believe these gloves will make a real difference in athlete safety and performance.  This isn’t just an evolution for UFC, it’s a game changer for the entire sport of MMA."
- UFC CEO Dana White

The new UFC Official Fight Glove was designed and engineered by VICIS RDI, the same team that develops products for VICIS, SCHUTT and TUCCI brands, and a leading sports equipment manufacturer whose mission is to minimize the impact of sports-related head injuries. The new glove contains VICIS RFLX advanced layered foam technology with impact absorbing protection. It is ergonomically crafted to reduce injury and to respect the hand's natural dynamics.

The new glove will be manufactured by Dyaco, UFC’s official combat and fitness equipment supplier.

“Today marks a significant milestone in Dyaco's history, with the unveiling of the UFC 5Eight and 3Eight Official Fight Gloves,” said Allen Ting, Chief Strategy Officer Dyaco International Inc.  “This revolutionary glove design, developed in close collaboration with seasoned UFC fighters and top engineers, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of combat sports.  As these innovative gloves make their debut in the Octagon, we are thrilled to bring a new level of protection and performance to fighters. It's an honor to contribute our expertise and passion for sports and fitness to this groundbreaking moment in UFC history.”

June 1 at UFC 302 in Newark, NJ, the next evolution of the sport takes place with the Octagon debut of the new UFC Official Fight Glove.

As an additional first-time innovation for UFC gloves, the 3EIGHT and 5EIGHT series will be embedded with NFC chips that utilize technology on the VeChainThor blockchain powered by VeChain, UFC’s official blockchain partner.  Fans who purchase the gloves as memorabilia will be able to scan the chips via the official UFC website to view and verify the authenticity of the gloves and any history that is associated with them. Vechain’s proprietary NFC chip technology authenticates the gloves, and if fight worn, the athlete that used them and the bouts they were used in.

More Info: https://www.ufc.com/authentic-fight-glove

Factsheet: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/5o1d9w2txqaipnc9svrvk/h?rlkey=zhr3k45uazsltj2ey6nklhazc&dl=0

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