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The research processes in Dyaco International are reflective of market needs and inter-departmental contribution. Dyaco drafts research planning by integrating our development team, supplier data, and sales and marketing feedback. In certain cases, we bring in consultants with cutting edge knowledge in ergonomic designs. Advanced collaborations have been facilitated with research universities in order to develop training courses and equipment testing, consequently improving product development results on par with competitors.

We design within the framework of conformity markings, such as the CE, EN, GS, EMC&LVD, and UL/CSA. We have over 200 pending or approved trademarks and certification thus far.


Dyaco employs groups of highly experienced technicians who specialize in each field such as structural, mechanical, electrical engineering, and 2D & 3D designs to compose the most dynamic R & D division in the fitness industry. This division is also led by industry-leading engineers Brian Murray (V.P of Engineering Dep.) and Allen Chen (V.P of R & D Dep.) who have a combined experience in fitness technology for nearly five decades. Not only have they provided the division with industry-leading experience, but cutting-edge expertise that gives Dyaco a competitive advantage of producing the most demanded products on the market. The newly integrated e-Glide elliptical for Spirit Fitness has been consistently viewed as one of the most discussed products on the market nowadays and raises the bar for modern fitness technology.

In Dyaco, we genuinely understand the importance of R & D process as well as technology innovations. Therefore, we collaborate with top international design firms Nova Design to achieve more user-friendliness and modernistic design concepts. Dyaco team works in collaboration National Taiwan Normal University sports medicine departments and consulting fitness trainers to achieve the most ergonomic and easy to use products, which eventually stand out dramatically from the competition. To maintain the highest level of R & D quality, Dyaco dedicates and reinvests a high percentage of revenue back into the division each year. It has been proven over time that this crucial decision helps our international clients increase their business volume substantially in the short run and long run.

Dyaco appreciates the positive correlation between R & D and the company's present and future growth. And we understand how the R & D process of designing innovative products can be a major factor in the company's profitability and market position. Consequently, we are driving hard to improve company's overall productivity and quality of the products as committed to delivering the most premium products and services. In the near future, we hope to develop a more comprehensive range of products that are tailor-made to our clients' specifications and even more value-added for clients, as well as end-users. So Dyaco is always on the top of clients' list when it comes to top-notch fitness equipment.


Supply selection in our buying team has always been rigorous. All production materials used by Dyaco International achieve grade A according to the grading scale from the ISO quality management system.

In regards to finished products, the Standard Operating Procedure is indispensable for our QA practices: only highly trained personnel supervise the entire QE, IQC, SQC, OQC,FQC and IPQC process, in which systemized examination and simulation take place in insulation rooms.

Dyaco manages waste according to compliance. Other than the necessary expenditures on safe waste disposal, we invest in our own wastewater treatment facility to ensure that our coating assembly line meets above-satisfactory waste measures.