Amy Hughes breaks World Record running on Sole treadmills!
Sep 20 , 2016 at 18:19 PM
Amy Hughes, 28, from Manchester UK broke a Guiness World Record on September 9th 2016 by running 521 miles ( 834 km) in 7 days! That’s the equivalent of 3 marathon a day or 21 marathons in 7 days.
Amy ran her World Record challenge at The  Trafford Centre using Sole Fitness treadmills ( TT8/S77/ /F85) , running for over 20 hours per day.
When asked what inspired her to do the challenge , Amy said , “ I remember very clearly the day I thought about  doing this challenge; I was reading an article about long distance running records and the idea suddenly came into my head  - what if I can run this amazing distance on a treadmill in just 7 days? I thought Why not! Let’s give it a go!”  After I got over my anxieties about preparing for the challenge and faced up to my fears , I started running for over 15 hours every day on a Sole Fitness treadmill  - it's enough to make anyone go crazy! “
“This is unknown territory and this just what  drives me ,giving me the energy to push my body and mind more than I’ve every done before in my life ! I never think negatively - I'm always thinking how I can make m self stronger in both my mind and body.”
“Those people who have been supporting me have helped push and inspire me and I will be donating all  sponsorship money raised to the 53 Charity Foundation.”
 After having finished the challenge, Amy fell to the floor and hugged her favourite giant soft doll!
Despite this grueling physical challenge,  Amy never gave up to achieve this amazing Guiness World Record!
Since Amy’s last challenge her life has changed significantly, she has become an athlete for Dame Kelly Holmes trust, been recognised by Pride of Britain awards, named 27th top Britain by the Telegraph, she has her own TV show due to air in September, won running moment of the year 2014 and won a rising star award for sport. We asked Amy how life has been in the lime light, ‘I have been over whelmed by the response from my last challenge. People are always asking me what’s next and I still have so many more challenges I want to complete. I love inspiring people to get active and be healthy and I hope my next challenge will help somebody feel they can achieve something they never thought possible.’
Why are the Sole treadmill so durable?
The Sole treadmills ran continuously for over 20 hours a day for 7 consecutive days   hanks to it’s tough and durable motor and solid overall build and construction using only the finest quality materials including a high quality running belt and oversized rollers.
Dyaco made Sole treadmills are built to last even in the toughest and most challenging situations! 
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