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A Trailblazer

The story of transforming a buyer into a manufacturer - and finally a differentiated brand house.

Dyaco’s history is synonymous with the brand voices we promise. It has been adventurous and exciting in the fluid, ever-changing markets.

Our leaders went global in Dyaco’s early stages. With work experiences in the U.S., Chairman Lin came in contact with sports merchants and channels, enabling a clear understanding of the U.S. retail landscape. Thus Dyaco International emerged in 1990 as a sports equipment buyer and exporter.

Dyaco in its infancy wasn’t simply a jack of all trades, but a master of envisioning a future of our own products. Taiwan has been the right place for strong manufacturing performance: In the early 90s, more than 31% of U.S. sporting goods imports were supplied from Taiwan; within 20 years, Taiwan’s sporting goods catapulted to multiple markets in the world, accounting for more than $630 million U.S. dollars worth of exports. In the whirlwind of growth and competition, we built our own manufacturing plants and oversaw our own productions since 2008.

To leverage beyond the ODM business model, our leaders saw how the intangible assets of branding would go a long way. By obtaining distribution rights for multiple distinctive brands, we curate brand images for our international audiences, fully embracing the OBM mindset with proven competitive edge.

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AN Influencer

Our international outlook and diaspora

We retain our core management values - brands, innovation, and service – even as we persistently enter diverse foreign markets.

In the midst of balancing globalization and respective locale, the Dyaco family encourages our international partners to cultivate their own markets. From 2011 to 2014, the amount of exclusive dealers working with Dyaco increased by 300%, with each dealer representing different countries.

Dyaco's extensive knowledge in the sports equipment industry opened doorways to foster further B2B cooperation. Localization efforts in major markets were secured by acquiring operation bases in the U.S., U.K, and Canada. Moreover, Dyaco (Shanghai)Trading Inc., Dyaco Canada, and Dyaco Japan were founded as our own subsidiaries.

Expanding new products and new channels became inevitable as we commit to every market. We have developed exclusive products in order to tailor to different market demands. New channels spur well-rounded opportunities: while brick-and-mortar channels localize effectively, our e-commerce platforms have proven to enhance, simplify, and expedite our sales cycle across borders.


Delivering the right technology to the right market audience

Dyaco features a fully staffed design center with many years of experience engineering award-winning fitness products.

Consumers receive more than just a commodity from Dyaco. We redefine products with technology-integrated, lifestyle infused, and health-conscious features. Our target audience would increase workout motivation, ultimately through fitting ergonomic and interactive designs. Such is the positive impact of building human-centric products.

Dyaco’s recent product developments include:

- Ergonomic inward tilts for elliptical foot pedals
- Adjustable stride path elliptical
- Intricacies within the folding frames of treadmills
- Steppers in sitting and adjustable postures
- Projector integrated fitness equipments
- Rehabilitation walker with suspension seat
- Body trainers for multiple uses: The Shakeweight and the T-core
- Desk walker with workstations

Dyaco sees promising futures in activating the following trends:

- Medical and health products have been identified as a higher yielding market segment, projected to reach 400 billion USD in the global market. Dyaco invests in new research for safe rehabilitation equipments and patents. Efforts are made for channel development and diversifying corporate relations in the medical sector. Cross-industry collaborations are initiated especially with academic institutions, enhancing credibility of our rehabilitation devices.

A Nurturer

The quest of being human-centric continues beyond products

Human resource is our most prized asset. Dyaco is an equal opportunity employer and our working environment is dedicated to protect labor rights.

Dyaco also responds passionately to the social welfare of our community. Under the entity of Dyaco International Charity Foundation, Chairman Lin has a track record in providing various aids:

- Financing of minorities, disabled persons, students, and various sports contestants to compete abroad, plus offering our branded equipment as gifts
- Subsidizing sports programs in universities
- Donation towards domestic children sponsorship program; and hosting literacy events for children of disadvantaged families
- Donation of funds towards emergency allowances
- Giving our branded equipments to non-profit organizations of disabled persons, community centers, public schools, police stations, and fire stations
- Giving health and rehabilitation equipments, including our own LW1000, to hospice care centers, medical facilities, and other foundations

For three consecutive years, Dyaco has been the major sponsor and planner for the Taichung International Invitation Marathon, co-hosting with the Taichung City Government. Through the public welfare program derived from the marathon, many donations  were contributed to the local chairties to help out those in need .

Philanthropy is contagious. We believe the most charitable contribution isn't quantitative; on top of funds and gifts, it is the enriching events that our own colleagues and citizen perpetuate. Dyaco cordially invites wellness enthusiasts to participate in our non-profit events. See our marathon schedule and volunteering opportunities.